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As of monday 30 december 2013, Lena and Mitchell have broken up until we have the chance to be closer together and can stop fighting to see each other.

Things I love about Lena Olin

I love..

your cute face

your cute voice

your sneeze

you soft hair

how much interest you show in things other people like (my car and airplane addiction, god the way you listened and were actually interested in my nerd stories about airplanes wow)

how good of an artist you are

the way you want to be and are nice to people

you never say something mean

how you always want to see me 

how exited you get when you see me

how amazingly bright you are

how good of a student you are

how much you have seen and learned from traveling and seeing other cultures

how you’re not a typical american

how easy you are with things; never make a fuss

how exited you get for certain things, and how you make that kggggggg sound

your laugh

your tickle laugh (god that is amazing)

your body

how much you like cowy

your you’re addicted to harry potter

your great taste in clothes

your great taste in music

your great taste in make up

your amazing taste in house decorations

how you always help people before helping yourself

youre always there for me and others

how determined you are

how lovey dovey you can be

how cute your ideas for dates are

how cute your ideas for things to do are

how you’re addicted to cuddling with me

 how you want to live in the 20’s

how you’re so cute when you’re eating, drinking and sleeping

your AMAZING body

your boobies

your cat

your smell

your tiny but cute feet and hands

your sense of style

your ability to put others first no matter what the situation is

your jokes

how you hold my hand and look at me

how you hug me

how you always want me 24/7

your kisses

your hand on the back of my neck

sitting next to you in the car

you sleeping on my lap

 spooning/laying with you

how you make me feel wanted

how you make me feel safe and that everything is gonna be okay

the way you look

the way you listen to what i have to say even if its stupid, hard or boring

the way you help me if i have a problem

how you donated your hair to a good cause 

your big eys

your eyebrows

your tiny mouth with tasty and pink lips

your cute nose

how bad you are with your phone even though its annoying i think its funny 

how you’re a jew but still want to celebrate christmas

how you’re always into new stuff

how you’re addicted to sex like me

how you love to talk dirty

how you know every country in the damn world

how you’re not a quitter

how you wanted to watch star wars with me but fell asleep

how we want to try 69

how you like my taste in everything

your singing voice

how you always calm me down

how you make me feel loved, handsome and great

how we can talk about anything

how we hugged the first time we saw each other

how we looked at each other not believing it was real in the car while driving to new york

how you can make anything happen because of your strong will

how you like apple just like me

how you never give up

how unbelievably much you love me

how happy you make me 

how you smile 

how you shine when you feel pretty

how you love it when im so cheesy

how you came up with all these nicknames for me

how you read me 

how big a mess you make of your room right after you cleaned it

how you like sleeping in my room

your taste

your touch

your breath in my face

your tongue and breath and voice in my ear

how proud i am for having a girl like you

the way you walk

the way you just want me there while doing something else

how you notice things no one ever does

how much of a stress chicken you can be

how i can drown in your eyes and feel my heart melting when you smile and say you’re staring  mitchy

how you love my presents

 how much you love me


Me & My Boyfriend are 3 Years today (:

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Your hands. On my body. Now. 

Where I want them. Always.

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I love you, little red.
Being with you is all that’s on my mind.

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